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Stir Crazy

New Vegan Sauce introducing our newest addition to Stir Crazy Pad Thai Our crowd pleaser that keeps bringing
Thai food lovers back for more!
Over 300 positive reviews on Google and Facebook Serving you since
early 2000
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More about Stir Crazy

Thai cooking is the mastery of simplicity. Thai cuisine is based on lightly prepared fresh and healthy ingredients with its foundation in strong aromatic and spicy elements. It is the delicate arrangement of contrasting ingredients blending in harmonious savour. Hence its vast popularity as the simplicity of a dish’s ingredients can be appreciated as they are whilst being enhanced in an intricate merging of spices and herbs. Some of our most demanded feeds are the most original Thai dishes.

Like our most popular, cornerstone dish, our famous Pad Thai. Pad Thai is a patriotic Thai dish. Born out of adaption during wartime in the 1930s when a shortage of rice forced the then Prime Minister Plak Phibunsongkhram to conjure a dish made with Chinese noodles that would awaken the nation. It was a recipe for survival and the symbol of Thailand’s new found independence. It became national identity in a dish. The backbone of the dish consists of rice noodles, chicken or beef, tofu, peanuts, scrambled egg and bean sprouts and of course it’s perfect tri blended sauce of sweet, salty and sour flavours that somehow harmonize so effortlessly. The simplicity of the dish leaves it open to further creativity and adaption at the hands of its modern-day creators and hence no two Pad Thais are exactly alike. Inevitably, Stir Crazy has infused its identity in alliance with this national dish and created an ever-popular delicious staple.

Another favourite, is our most popular soup, Laksa. The word Laksa originates from the ancient Persian word for ‘noodles’ and although there are many theories on the Laksa dish’s origins, it is commonly believed to have been born out of the 15th century in the Southeast Asia region. Laksa has a flavourful creamy coconut base and masterful blend of dried chillies, galanga, lemongrass, shallots, turmeric and other spices, served with a thick wheat noodle or rice vermicelli, sprinkled with chicken, meat, prawn or fish and vegetables…delicious!

Stir Crazy

However here at Stir Crazy, we do like to venture out and explore too. Mixing tradition with something a little more different. Like our Teriyaki Chicken on our Specials Menu. Becoming a rising favourite, it is more widely known as a nice Japanese dish but in the hands of Stir Crazy, it makes an incredible Thai dish. Or maybe there’s something else you haven’t tried? Have you tasted our Vegan sauce? Becoming a firm favourite and that little something different bringing our Thai food lovers back for more. Maybe you like to taste outside the box. We empathize, that’s why at Stir Crazy dishes can be customized and of course like all our meals, cooked fresh to order.

So, come in and try something fresh out of the box!

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